Bare Yogis' School of Yoga is led by Billy Barefoot Yogi and Padma Dharmata, who have both been teaching and training for almost 10 years! Billy and Padma have led numerous small-group teacher trainings, and have collectively trained over 85 exceptional yoga instructors, and counting! The goal of Bare Yogis' trainings is not to just *get certified*, but our goal is to help unlock your greatest potential as a yoga instructor, and to be able to connect with the heart of yoga! These trainings will guide you to finding the in-depth knowledge necessary to become an incredible instructor! Not interested in teaching?

Many students over the years have utilized our trainings to deepen their personal practice and increase their knowledge about yoga, even with no intent of ever teaching a class! We are registered as a yoga school with Yoga Alliance, though all of our trainings go above and beyond Yoga Alliance guidelines, as we want our trainees to be the very best, and to have the capability to impact lives through yoga!

Billy and Padma have trained and certified 85+ yoga instructors (and counting) since 2012, who are now scattered all over the world! In 2020, they made the decision to take their school of yoga online, in order to reach a more vast audience---in order to reach those who have a true hunger for a deeper spiritual journey, and a drive to cultivate the ability to take the true heart and meaning of yoga to the people.

Currently, the Bare Yogis School of Yoga leads several different trainings. Most begin with our RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training course and online. Bare Yogis School of Yoga is also a Continuing Education facility for those who are already certified instructors, or for those who have an interest in a select topic and are not yoga teachers (as this is not required), and will hold programs, workshops, and trainings throughout the year, to boost knowledge and experience in various areas, promoting the continuous development of all instructors and practitioners!

Bare Yogis School of Yoga is a registered school of yoga with Yoga Alliance, and offers RYT-200 and YACEP programs.

Ahava School of Yoga - Yoga Class

"Billy and Padma have great big hearts and they teach their students that yoga is so much deeper than just the physical practice. I enjoyed my time with them very much."

- Sarah K.

Yoga Meets You Where You're At.

Sure, all of our bodies are different. All of our life experiences and journeys are different. And that is how yoga is such a magnificent practice, that can be taught and tailored and experienced to meet each and every individual exactly where they are at---even if that is different every day. Especially if that is different every day! This is one of the greatest foundational beliefs that stem our teachings and trainings.